Tomorrow solar eclipse will not be seen in India: a rare Shani Jayanti coincidence and a solar eclipse after 148 years


The first solar eclipse of the year occurs on Krishna Paksha’s new moon day in Jyeshtha month, i.e. 10 June. Shani Jayanti is this day also. So a marvelous synchronicity of Shani Dev will also be noticed on the shadow of a solar eclipse. After 148 years, Shani Jayanti has had a remarkable synchronicity with solar eclipse.

The first sun eclipse of the year will take place on the 10th of June, Acharya Praveen, Mahant of Saket Bhawan temple said. It is five hours that will last during the solar eclipse. The eclipse begins at 13:42 and lasts till 18:41. This solar eclipse, however, in India will not be visible. The Sutak period is not valid for this purpose. Shani Jayanti and Vat Savitri coincide quickly on the same day.

Lord Shani was born on the new moon of Jyeshtha month in accordance with religious convictions. It’s celebrated like Shani Jayanti every year. Shani Dev is adorated by law and order on this day. Acharya Praveen says Shani Dev will be retrograde in Capricorn this day, besides the solar eclipse and the Shani Jayanti simultaneously. On the one side, where Suryadev’s father is kept in the shade of the eclipse, Shany’s birthday is celebrated.

After 148 years, such a coincidence is created. Earlier, Shani Jayanti and Solar Eclipse coincided on 26 May 1873. Due to Shani Jayanti, the Shani people of the dhaiya and half-century need to worship Lord Shani and recite Hanuman Chalisa tomorrow. She said that the Sun’s eclipse will be damaging to the rulers of the state. The governing party must be informed of the opposing parties.


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