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Today, a new income tax filing portal was released; here’s all you need to know.

Today, the Central Board of Direct Taxes unveiled www.incometax.gov.in, a new income tax e-filing platform (June 7). www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in was the old website for filing ITRs. Due to the changeover to the new portal, e-filing services were unavailable from June 1-6, 2021.

After the debut of the new “si” portal, the Finance Ministry has asked taxpayers and stakeholders to be patient.

“Because this is a significant transition.” The new platform aims to provide taxpayers with a smooth and modern experience in addition to making compliance easier.
According to an official statement from the Ministry of Finance dated June 5, 2021, a mobile app to submit ITR is also in the works.

Features and advantages of the new income tax filing site

This new gateway will be linked to the instant processing of Income Tax Returns (ITRs) so that refunds may be issued quickly.

The taxpayer’s interactions, uploads, and pending activities will be shown on a single dashboard for follow-up action.

On the new platform, free ITR preparation software will be accessible to assist taxpayers with ITR 1, 4 (online and offline), and ITR 2 questions (offline). The facility will be available for ITRs 3, 5, 6, and 7 in the near future.

The new ITR website will also have a new online payment system that will include numerous payment alternatives including as net banking, UPI, credit card, and RTGS or NEFT from any taxpayer’s account in any bank, ensuring that payments are made quickly and easily.

To answer taxpayers’ questions, systems such as contact centers, tutorials, videos, and chatbots or live agents will be in place.

Taxpayers may update their profiles to include information about their income (salary, home property, business/profession, etc.) that will be utilized in ITR pre-filing.

After TDS and SFT statements are submitted, detailed pre-filing including salary income, interest, dividends, and capital gains will be accessible (due date for which is June 30, 2021)

Filing tax forms, adding tax specialists, responding to alerts under faceless inspection, and filing appeals would all be accessible.

This website will be used by the IT Department to not only submit tax returns, but also to answer taxpayer questions and issue orders such as assessments, fines, exemptions, and appeals.

Taxpayers may not only submit ITRs under individual and other categories, but they may also make complaints with the IT Department concerning refunds and other services.



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