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There will be no entrance test, and admissions will be based on’merit. Admissions to DU in 2021

New Delhi : Delhi University (DU), one of India’s major public institutions, said on June 2 that it would not make any compromises in terms of quality while admitting students this year. All eyes are on public institutions, which traditionally select admissions based on Class 12 CBSE Board results, now that Prime Minister Modi has proclaimed the cancellation of Class 12 CBSE Board examinations, along with whatever assessment criteria the Board comes up with.

Close to 98 percent of students who sought for admission to Delhi University in 2019 and 2020 were CBSE pupils. “Our admissions criterion will be entirely merit-based. The interim Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University, PC Joshi, was reported by news agency PTI as stating, “We would honour the Board’s criteria.”

Acting VC: ‘DU will not compromise on merit.’

Acting Vice-Chancellor PC Joshi of Delhi University remarked that under these unique circumstances, there would be a means to determine quality.

“The Central Universities Common Entrance Test, which is based on pan-India merit, might be a suitable option. On merit, DU will not make any concessions. We’ll adapt to the new scenario and figure out what approach to use. We’ll have to wait and see what the boards’ standards for evaluating pupils are “PC Joshi was also added.

Every year, students are admitted to the University of Delhi based on their Class 12 Board exam results. The institution has earlier submitted a proposal to the University Grants Commission (UGC) that would grant Class 12 marks 50% weighting and a CUCET the remaining 50%. (Central Universities Common Entrance Test). The Education Ministry is still debating whether or not to have an unified admission exam for all central institutions.



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