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Shreya Ghoshal has shared the first picture of her kid Devyaan.

Shreya Ghoshal, a playback singer, shared a photo of her newborn boy on Instagram on Wednesday. Shreya Mukhopadhyaya, who named her baby Devyaan Mukhopadhyaya, also posted a pic of him.

The singer posted an Instagram photo of herself holding her kid and looking at him, while her husband Shiladitya grins and holds his left hand below the child’s head.

“Introducing — ‘Devyaan Mukhopadhyaya,'” Shreya wrote beside the pic.

“On May 22nd, he came and permanently altered our lives. He filled our hearts with a type of love that only a mother and father can experience for their kid at that first look when he was born. Love that is irrepressible and overpowering. It’s still as if I’m in a dream. @shiladitya and I are eternally grateful for this magnificent gift of life.”

Shreya announced the birth of her kid in an Instagram post on May 22. “God has blessed us with a wonderful baby boy this afternoon,” the singer wrote. It’s a feeling I’ve never experienced before. @shiladitya and I, as well as our families, are ecstatic. Thank you very much for all of your wonderful blessings on our little bundle of joy.” – According to IANS



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