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New guidelines for restaurants: FSSAI license numbers must be included on all invoices from October

As from October 2021 the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), which released its latest directive on June 10, would be required to reveal its FSSAI license or registration number in cash receipts and purchased invoices.

The food safety agency stressed that, in the event of abnormalities, “any credible regulatory framework would be dependent on the strong consumer complaints mechanism.”

It added:”If the FSSAI number is not provided to customers, it becomes an uphill climb to expect them to complain with full co-ordinates.”

“The allegations are thus still unresolved owing to the absence of particular information. This measure would nonetheless assist customers to make an online complaint with the FSSAI number against a specific food company.”

“To obtain FSSAI licenses or registration prior to the start of the food industry is necessary for every food business operator,” FSSAI said, adding: ‘Licensing and registration agencies are directed to publicize the policy widely and ensure its mandatory implementation with effect from October 2, 2021.’

The FSSAI registration number is now required on packaged food labels.



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