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Navi Mumbai airport GVK group gets design cues from lotus flower

The International Airport Navi Mumbai, which approaches Panvel, has drawn its design inspiration from the lotus flower. The new airport will feature long, flowing lines, extensive competitions and a recurrent lotus pattern throughout the site. The GVK Group, responsible for the design of Mumbai’s second international airport, showed its initial look.

The location featured a cluster of cottages with lotus ponds, which influenced the design of the terminal. The airport is created by the British architectural firm Zaha Hadid, the same company that created the International Airport Daxing in Beijing.

The 4-phase Greenfield Airport will handle 90 million people yearly once it is completely completed. In the first phase, 10 million passengers will be handled, and three linked multi level terminals will be in operation with the main terminal (T1) of the airport. The T1 has two levels, minor changes in level and low walking distances.

The Zaha Hadid Architects were commissioned by the GVK Group to design the main terminal and air traffic control tower in 2018. The next year, the City and Industrial Development Corporation approved the master plan (CIDCO). The greenfield airport, which consists of 1.160 hectares, has already acquired 95% of the land undergoing hill cutting and filling.

In August 2020 the GVK Group, which has been active in the airport industry for the previous 15 years, sold its interest to the Adani Group. With its leaving, the date on which the airport begins to operate remains unknown.

The Adani Group is likely to modify the concessionary agreement, evaluate the building plans and revise them since the continuing epidemic has led to a dramatic drop in traffic.



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