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Loki’s debut and first impressions Tom Hiddleston’s series is praised by fans as fantastic and engaging.

Loki, a Disney Plus Hotstar series starring Tom Hiddleston, will begin streaming on June 9 at 12:30 p.m. While the God of Mischief perished in the main timeline following the events of Avengers: Infinity War, the character was given a second chance in Avengers: Endgame when the Avengers visited the Battle of New York reality, where Loki was imprisoned. From then, the events of this MCU series begin, and the Loki we see here is the same Loki that fled with the Tesseract.

“I think what’s really remarkable is that the audience has a greater perspective on Loki than Loki does,” Tom stated in a previous interview with TV Insider. Because the audience has seen the events of The Dark World, Ragnarok, Infinity War, and Endgame, and this Loki lacks any sense of self-awareness. He hasn’t gone through the arc of repentance and catharsis, and when the TVA apprehends him, he is a very confused and destabilized creature. He’s out of his element, a fish out of water, and he’s not pleased.”

Mobius M Mobius is played by Owen Wilson, Ravonna Renslayer is played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Hunter B-15 is played by Wunmi Mosaku.

According to what we’ve seen thus far in the trailers, Loki is apprehended by the Time Variance Authority, which arrests those who attempt to tamper with the timelines. Mobius seeks to team up with Loki to catch the hazardous Variants.



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