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How to Safely View the Solar Eclipse of 2021 5 Ways to Watch Surya Grahan’s “Ring of Fire” Without Hurting Your Eyes

The Solar Eclipse, which will take place on June 10th, is just a day away. Sky watchers all across the globe are undoubtedly on the tip of their seats waiting to see this incredible celestial phenomenon.

This isn’t your average solar eclipse, which has the stargazer trembling with excitement. This year, we’ll see an annular solar eclipse, which happens when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth

. The Moon covers the Sun’s center in an annular solar eclipse. Human eyes can only see the Sun’s outer ring as a result of this. Ring of Fire is another name for this occurrence.

While stargazing is a fun pastime, avoid staring straight into the sun unless you want to be blinded for the rest of your life. So we believe now is a good opportunity to brush up on the safe ways to get the most out of your eclipse watching experience.

Here are some safety precautions to take in order to see the eclipse without causing irreversible harm to your eyes.

People, this should be a no-brainer. Avoid staring straight at the sun. Only use eclipse glasses or portable solar viewers with special-purpose solar filters that are approved for eclipse viewings.
Do not make your own homemade filters or use regular sunglasses, even if they are darkly tinted.
Because they may cause significant eye harm, do not gaze at the sun via the lens of a camera, telescope, binoculars, or any other optical equipment. Solar filters that have been scraped or damaged should not be used.
Always examine them before using them, and if they’ve been through the wringer, toss them out.
If you’re truly into DIY and don’t have the time to buy a solar filter, you may learn how to make your own sun viewer from reputable sources.
The Exploratorium has lessons on how to make a Pinhole projection, which is a safe method to look at the sun indirectly. So go to work and enjoy a safe watching experience, folks.



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