Mobile India battlegrounds: Mobile India battlegrounds in trouble: On the one hand, PUBG Brotherhood looks forward to the debut of Battlegrounds Mobile India and, on the other hand, there is a major problem with the game launch in the nation. Now, after Arunachal Pradesh’s MLA, a Telangana parliamentarian has written to the IT Ministery and Prime Minister’s Office to examine the connection between Krafton and Tencent.
Mobile India: Troubleshooting Mobile India, Telangana MP requires probe of the connections between Krafton and Tencent.

Arvind Dharampuri MP from Nizamabad stated that he got an appeal against the game from a local social activist, Sai Kumar, according to Zee News. The letter is largely regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India’s terms of service and privacy policy.
Mobile India Battlegrounds – What precisely does Telangana MP request?

The MP of Telangana issued a letter to the IT minister to voice his worries over the Battlegrounds of Mobile India ( Indian Rebranded version of PUBG Mobile).

He has requested the Ministry to investigate the link between Krafton Inc. (the Battlegrounds mobile India developer and publisher) and Tencent (Publisher of PUBG Mobile).

It should be noted that Ninong Ering, a member of the Legeslative Assembly in Arunachal Pradesh, wrote a mail to PMO in May. Ering wanted the Mobile India game Battlegrounds not to be released in the nation. PMO has yet to answer the letter.

Mobile India Battlegrounds release date – What are the plans for the tentative release of the game in India?

It is important mentioning that PUBG Mobile, a popular royal mobile game prohibited on September 2nd, 2020 by the Indian government. The restriction was introduced because of data privacy concerns according to Section 69A of the Information and Technology Act. It’s over 9 months and Indian fans are still impatiently waiting for the game.
In the same time, Krafton Inc. just announced the renamed PUBG Mobile release of the Battlegrounds Mobile India in India.

Mobile India began registration for battlegrounds on 18 May 2021 and continues. The game is scheduled to be published next week, according to the leaks and clues from elite PUBG mobile gamers and streams from India ( third week of June 2021).


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